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Wolf Hunting

Idaho Wolf Hunting, AT IT’S BEST! Richie Outfitters offers NON Wilderness wolf hunts

NON WILDERNESS – Conducted out of our Homestead – 219 Spring Creek Rd  – North Fork Rd Idaho 83466  208-394-2260

These hunts have been very popular and BOOK UP FAST! We use snowmobiles and 4 wheel Drive vehicles .   (Need to be able and willing to Hike) Come enjoy staying at the Richie Homestead warm shower good food, all the while hunting on the banks of the RIVER OF NO RETURN for these Awesome  Predators!

Richie Outfitters has had good success over all in hunting these predators  (while some years are higher than others we have done quiet well) There is a lot of variables  in this hunt, so it is nearly impossible to put a percentage on this hunt and that is what makes it so challenging! If your up for a challenge  and adventure this is where you want to be!


5 Day hunts fully accommodated     1×1 $4600.00     2×1 $3500.00

Non Resident license : $195.00

Non Resident Tag fee : $31.75

January thru March

Jan 1 – 5     Jan 13 – 17     Jan 24 – 28

Feb 9 – 9     Feb 16 – 20     Feb 27 – March 3

 March 10 – 14     March 18 – 22     March 26 – 30

Closest airports         Missoula Montana or Idaho Falls Idaho  ( same distance to Richie home)

Wolf Hunt References

Wade Richardson ….. 406-830-0444

Blake Hermel ………… 507-381-0681

Cody Krohl ……………. 208-940-0757

Wilderness Wolf Hunt –  ALONG WITH LION HUNTS

These Wolf hunts are definitely a exciting and challenging hunt . We have been interacting with these magnificent animals for a long time here in the Selway, and in our opinion, these hunts have been long overdue. They are a big game predator and have had no fear of anyone until now and that adds up to a dangerous animal. We have lost loyal dogs and even a beloved mule to these animals. Now the table has turned, and for the best, so come book a wolf hunt with Richie Outfitters. A good time to hunt them is during winter lion season. It is amazing to listen to these animals and also a beautiful time to spend in a winter wonderland wilderness! In the back country these hunt start in  Dec and run thru March.

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