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Bear Hunting

Idaho Bear Hunting with Mike Richie. Take a guided bear hunt in the Selway-Bitteroot Wilderness area.

Enjoy professionally guided black bear hunting with Richie Outfitters. During your secluded hunting experience you will not hear the sounds of road hunters with ATV’s or pickup trucks or anything remotely close to civilzation, aside from your companions, of course. You will enjoy the sounds of the wind blowing through the leaves and branchs of trees, the serene sounds of the flowing Selway River and the occasional howing of the Canadian grey wolf.

Idaho Unit 17 is a 2 Bear area (you are allowed 2 bear tags) with many different color phases. A lot of black bears call the drainage of the Selway their home. You choose your style of black bear hunt. In Idaho, dogs (hounds) may be used to hunt bears. Black bear hunting with bait is allowed with a required permit. We provide the permit. No females with cubs may be killed. Spot and stalk hunting is also an option. We offer two black bear hunting seasons – Spring and Fall.


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